A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a complex Hunger Games Simulator based on the Warrior Cats books. 

It's my first big solo project, that I finished after a year.


- Between 2 to 100 cats can participate in a game

- Number of winners can be set freely.

- create own cats

- Cats have hunger, thirst and health. The cats can fill these needs with items.

- How much food and water cats consume per day can be adjusted.

- Group mode:

If only cats that belong to one group (e.g. ThunderClan) live, all cats that are left over win.

- It is possible to buy supplies, traps and immunity for cats.

- Events can be edited (cats can also receive items)

- 1 to 4 cats can participate in an event

- Custom pre-made cats: 

639 pre-made cats from the Warrior Cats books or 33 cats from the community can be loaded.

- In this game there are 13 different groups:

ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, Kittypet, BloodClan, SkyClan, StarClan, Dark Forest, Tribe, Ancients, Loner, Unknown.

- export or import events and custom cats

- save and load games

If you are in the main game you can open a under menu by double clicking on a cat icon.

Note on custom cats:

The 639 pre-made cats need a little bit of loading time, because the game needs to load all the cat icons.

Note on events and custom cats:

Please save before jumping from one event to another, because progress might be lost. Custom cats save automatically if you jump between cats, but it saves not if you export cats or leave the menu for the custom cats, please save the cat before that.

Note on random mode: 

All selected groups have the same probability of being selected, so cats can appear more often in games if the group has few cats.

Install instructions

Extract all the files and run the executable.


WaCa Hunger Games Simulator (Windows) 91 MB
WaCa Hunger Games Simulator (Linux) 92 MB
Warrior Cats Hunger Games (Mac OS X) 103 MB


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Downloading on mac, it said the file was damaged and could not be opened!

(3 edits)

does this game work for mobile if not can you update it for mobile support

unfortunally if you didn't read it, it said only for windows

(2 edits)

really cool, the detailed cat images look so good. I would recommend to any warrior cats fan. its extremally fun! but starting a game and all the menus are a bit confusing, but that's really my only complaint.